The Legends Backyard Ultra is a last-one-standing event where participants run a loop of 6,7056 km every hour, also called a “yard”. The 2023 race is NOT a Silver Ticket event for the Belgium National Championship in 2024(more information here), however…

Given the fast and flat nature of the course it is THE ideal opportunity to obtain a high place on the At-Large list, even if you are not the winner. And this goes for both the National Championship and the World Championship “Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra”, in Tennessee.
The course (& world) record is held by Ivo Steyaert and Merijn Geerts with 101 laps!


The first bell will ring on April 15 2023 at 10am.

The race registration will open on April 15 2023 at 7am.


The Legends Backyard Ultra will take place at De Hoge Rielen in Kasterlee, Belgium:

De Hoge Rielen
Molenstraat 62
2460 Kasterlee 

The starting corral and campsite are located at Camp 8. Please keep in mind that the domain itself is not accessible by car. The nearest parking is Poort Noord (800m from the campsite). From there participants will have to walk or cycle to the campsite.


The maximum number of participants for this race is 100 participants.

There are no qualifications for this race. During the event, each runner is allowed to have crew members present at the site.


Participants and crew members can set up a tent on the camping ground and are expected to bring their own gear. Showers and toilets are present at the camping ground.

Registration fee

The registration fee is €99. A registration can be transferred to another participant, but is non-refundable. You can purchase a ticket for €30pp for crew members which allows for (non-alcoholic) drinks and food and the possiblity to place a tent on the campground during the entire event.

What is offered?

The organization will provide:

  • Drinks:
    • Water
    • Coca Cola
    • Coffee
    • Tea
  • Snacks:
    • Sweet
    • Salty
    • Bread (with chocolate paste, jam, cheese, and ham)
  • Warm meals

A bar will open 24/7 on the campsite where other beverages can be purchased.

If you have preferences for other foods or drinks, you should bring these yourself.

COVID-19 Measures

For the moment, no COVID-19 Measures are foreseen.